NEIMASITAWI Lifestyle brand introduces Bordeaux-based, historical wine villa and luxury retreat.




November, 2018 Bordeaux

The owners of international fashion and lifestyle brand, NEIMASITAWI, are preparing for the official launch of their authentic, wine- country retreat and guest house for this coming Spring 2019.

“The Villa”, officially registered as the Domaine de Montvert is a historic stone Girondine villa and vineyard standing at the gateway to Saint Emilion wine country on the edge of a sunny village called Sainte-Terre in the Bordeaux region of France. The authentic wine property or ‘chateau”, recently renovated by Neima Sitawi and her husband Giacomo Bottone, will be the next “must-see” in destination travel. This new design-inspired villa is specifically geared towards the more experienced travelers who have an eye for authenticity yet unwilling to sacrifice genuine noble quality, old world charm and a studied design aesthetic.

The beautiful 17th century structure will not only be a playground for connoisseurs and seasoned travelers, but also a spacious event location for professional development, workshops, offsite meetings and creative retreats. In fact, in October, the ‘Domaine’ was the site of the film location, for a Frankfurt-Based fashion magazine!

Approaching the villa, you enter through an iron gate into a vast gardens that stretch deep into the property. As you pass the tiny chapel you start to feel the mystique of a covered grove and as if by trance, you eventually wander deep into the garden until you come across an inviting hammock; discretely tucked away under the canopy of pear, fig and walnut trees, accompanied only by the sounds of the nesting birds above. You suddenly come upon a curious facade, “The Ruins”, a 16th century stone structure that now serves as a provocative yet lovely backdrop to the beautiful, crystal clear swimming pool.

Entering the villa, you will encounter an impressive spiral stone staircase leading to an upstairs corridor. After your ascent, you enter the 3 meter high stone archway only to witness the floor to ceiling windows that overlook a vast greenery beyond; the vineyards

below. And if that was not already impressive, add the hilltop view of the Saint Emilion village and shockingly breathtaking sunsets and star covered skies and you have yourself a visual feast of delights.

Every room in this property has been personally styled by none other than the fashion designer, life-stylist and interiors aficionado, Neima Sitawi. Rumour has it that this charming petit chateau will include timeless, upmarket amenities via their partnerships with exclusive French and international luxury brands such as D. Porthault luxury linens Paris and Bernardaud Limoges porcelain.


The NEIMASITAWI brand has taken on this project as its debut in the home interiors and design market; the name of this new branch of the business? You guessed it, “NEIMASITAWI HOME”. In fact, the team is currently on the lookout for additional partnerships in the luxury home, gifts and decor segment to add to its growing portfolio of artisans and refined suppliers. Additionally, within this new field of interior home decor and gifts, select guests will occasionally find original pieces of art and wall installations by the designer herself. Every time a new guests arrive, the designer will call for a rotation of the Wall-Art Design feature by NEIMASITAWI Home

artwork; creating a living, breathing gallery from within the chateau that offers the space for the showcase of up and coming designers, artists and architects from the region.

The NEIMASITAWI brand is no stranger to philanthropy, cultural patronage and institutional collaborations. In fact, the owners have spent the past ten years dedicated to the professional development of the youth, sponsoring regional cultural tourism initiatives as well as nourishing a social commitment to the refugee crisis. For this

reason, Neima Sitawi and her team have opened discussions with the University of Bordeaux-Insittute des Science de la Vigne et du Vin and Oenoviti International to create a working collaboration aimed at providing hands-on experience internships to their students in the fields of wine tourism, wine science and hospitality. Sitawi and her team look forward to the opportunities to sponsor the University’s ongoing initiatives in the
development of the notorious wine region as well as bright new collaborations with their vast network of local specialists and academics to contribute to intellectually and economically prosperous partnerships. ***


NEIMASITAWI is a luxury apparel, design and lifestyle brand originating in Bologna, Italy with designs exclusively created by American-born, Singapore- based fashion designer and MBA, Neima Sitawi.

The Domaine de Montvert by Sitawi Bottone is a historic stone Girondine villa and vineyard standing at the gateway to Saint Emilion wine country in the Bordeaux region of France. The owners are stylist, designer and MBA Neima Sitawi, and her partner, Giacomo Bottone, MBA and global director for a world-leading manufacturing corporation. They are currently residing with their family in Singapore. The Domaine de Montvert is now currently taking reservations for Spring/Summer 2019 and welcomes artists to submit their portfolios for the rotating gallery. WATCH VIDEO: by: Bea v. Winterfeldt of

University of Bordeaux-Insittute des Science de la Vigne et du Vin is a multidisciplinary center for research, higher education and development that explores the future challenges of the wine industry.

OENOVITI INTERNATIONAL GROUP is the first and only international network in the oenology and viticulture sector. The group is dedicated to research excellence and education. It aims to foster exchange of know-how and expertise between actors in the wine world.



Photo and video by Be a v. Winterfeldt-Heuser

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