NEIMASITAWI was born in the United States and has lived and worked in Europe and Asia since 1997. She began her academic career in fashion then quickly changed to International Affairs; graduating with degree in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati. In line with her international studies and career ambitions, Neima has picked up a variety of languages including: English, French, Italian and Chinese and she continues to study German and Spanish.

Over the years, her career has taken a two-fold track. Neima considers ‘The Art of Business’ as one of her many passions, driving her to obtain the MBA in Strategic Marketing at the Sacred Heart University in Luxembourg and attracting her to various roles in strategic marketing, business management and consultancy for companies in Europe and the US.  Meanwhile, Neima has successfully organized art expos, private events and promotional campaigns for variety of artists, companies and non-proft organizations.

Today, Neima Sitawi is an internationally recognized artist, designer and businesswoman and has shared her work with art affectionados in the US, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, China and the UK.

Neima had always wished to unify both her artistic and business careers so after years in corporate, she returned to her lifelong passion for the fashion industry ; launching a fashion line of luxury women’s apparel for women out of Bologna, Italy. The brand is her namesake “NEIMASITAWI” combines timelessness, quality and femininity and offers ladies luxury apparel, made in Italy, as well as couture services and style consulting.

While living in Bologna, Neima and her associates founded the association Bologna Connect aimed at spreading awareness about Bologna and the Emilia Romagna region as the epicenter of Italy’s quality and lifestyle product production, business investment opportunities and exceptional academic and cultural programs. Today, Neima and her team are working on developing experiential education projects, tours and workshops that are aimed at women looking to truly refine their tastes and eventually become connoisseurs.

In response to a growing international crisis and line with her mission of quality, Neima has introduced the NEIMASITAWI Refugee Atelier Project in Geneva, Switzerland aimed at helping to mobilise refugee and displaced women with technical, business and language skills in the field of the sartorial arts with hopes to empower them to obtain meaningful and fulfilling employment to support their families.

Neima currently resides with her family in Singapore.